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What is purpose?

Is it some destiny we’re fated to achieve? That’s doubtful, given the number of people toiling away in bullshit jobs.

For those who have dedicated themselves to finding their purpose, where should they look? Is our purpose preordained, to be discovered under a rock, or behind a tree? This is the conventional wisdom brought on by stories of six year olds who just always wanted to heal people, then went on to medical school.

But what if there is no preset path for us? It’s entirely possible that the universe has no plan for us because it is not self-aware or omnipotent.  It’s scary to think that we are not ‘meant’ to do anything.

One option is to collapse in despair and succumb to nihilism. Those sampling that buffet for any length of time will find it nauseating.

What to do?

The only reasonable option for those that don’t believe in fate or a higher power is to give the finger to nihilism and create beauty despite the futility.

We must create our own meaning. We must generate our own passion. Get your ass excited about something. Try new things until you find one that fires you up every single morning.

Fail until you find it. Fail again. Fail until you are so sick of doing the work of finding your purpose that all you want to do is go back to your paper-shuffling/sales-targeting/rock-breaking job that will pay you just enough so you can watch a movie and have a few drinks on the weekend.

Then say “fuck that” and try again. You are not alone, and you can do this.


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  1. Words I needed to hear – thank you :)

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